Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Love For the Holy Prophets Family-Quraan

Love For The Holy Prophets
 [Sallal Laahu Alaiehi Wa Sallam] Family is Enjoined In The Holy Qur'aan
 in 42nd Soorah, Ash-Shūrāa (the Consultation) الشُّوْرٰی in verse 23:
قُل لَّا أَسْأَلُكُمْ عَلَيْهِ أَجْرًا إِلَّا الْمَوَدَّةَ فِي الْقُرْبَىمیں اِس (تبلیغِ رسالت) پر تم سے کوئی اُجرت نہیں مانگتا مگر (اپنی اور اللہ کی) قرابت و قربت سے محبت (چاہتا ہوں)
Say: ‘I do not ask for any recompense for this (preaching the faith in ) but (seek) love for (my) kindred's and (my and Allaah’ Kareem's) nearness.
love Prophet

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