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[sallal laahu alaiehi wa sallam].....Saying

ان الله تعالى يبعث لهذه الامة على رأس كلّ مائة سنة من يجدد لها دينها
Ala Hazrat,
                   Verily Allaah [Ta’aalaa] will send at the beginning of every century such a person for this Ummah who will rejuvenate and restore their religion (Deen).
Why does a Mujaddid come after 100 year
A Mujaddid is sent after every 100 years because after every century the surroundings, the environment, the manner of thinking and ways of the people tend to pass through a massive transformation.

The Qualities of a Mujaddid
It is not necessary that a Mujaddid be from the Ahle-Baiet
What is absolutely necessary is that he be a Sunni with correct Beliefs  [Aqeedah]according to the Ahle-Sunnat Wa Jamaa’at.
He be profound Aalim of Deen.
He be a Master and embodiment of most of the Sciences of Knowledge.
He be an outstanding Scholar of his time.
His services for the Deen be purely for the pleasure of Allaah Kareem and His Rasool and not for greed of wealth and other worldly gain.
He be fearless of opposition and rulers of his time.
He will not act or give verdicts to please any person besides Almighty Allaah and His Rasool.
He will not fear speaking or advocating Truth in all circumstances.
He will not use Religion to gain worldly fame.
He will be a very pious and Almighty Allaah fearing person.
He will perfect mixture of the Shari'ah and Tari'qaah.
He will not tolerate any opposition to the Shari'ah.
Therefore it is important that a Mujaddid be a perfect embodiment and Aalim of both the external (Shari'ah) and internal (Spiritual) sciences of Knowledge.
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