Friday, August 11, 2023

The Great Orator and Sufi Scholar arrived in the Mother City- South Africa Trip 2023 -Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi



*The Great Orator and Sufi Scholar arrived in the Mother City*

Cape Town, South Africa - In an event that has ignited excitement and anticipation among the Muslim community, the esteemed Hazrat Allama Dr Kukab Noorani Okarvi has landed in Cape Town, South Africa on Wednesday 09 August 2023. Dr. Noorani is a respected scholar of Islamic studies and is well-known for his work in reviving traditional Islamic sciences and educating about the importance of traditional Islamic values.
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Dr Noorani was welcomed by the greater Cape Muslim community and members of Shahidaye Ashrafi, CTIEC, Cape Town Ulama Board and Morba Society. The Cape Town International Airport was echoing with sounds of Nasheed as Students of CTIEC Zia ul Uloom done a welcome and Walk through recital. The esteemed Scholar is  accompanied by two of South Africas senior Ulama, Ustaad ul Ulama Hazrat Mufti Akbar Hazarvi and Hazrat Moulana Ismail Hazarvi of Darul Uloom Pretoria.

Dr. Noorani, who hails from Pakistan, has come to Cape Town to deliver a series of lectures and seminars focusing on Muharram and the Ahlus Sunnah perspective of Karbala and Ahlul Bayt. He will also be engaging in public dialogue and table discussion with local leaders, scholars and academics on matters related to Islam. 

During his stay, Dr. Noorani will visit various mosques, schools, and other educational institutions. He will be interacting with students, teachers, and leaders in order to spread the teachings of Islamic values, and the way of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamah.
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The presence of Dr. Noorani in Cape Town has already stirred conversations among Muslim communities. His visits have been praised highly by many in the community who believe that Dr. Noorani can help encourage greater understanding and appreciation for the fundamental principles of Islam.

Executive member of the Cape Town Ulama Board Shaykh Sayed Ridhwaan has added: "As a prominent figure in the Muslim world, Dr. Noorani has worked tirelessly to promote the significance of Islamic teachings upon the Sunni way. Dr is visiting us in South Africa after 10 years, We are confident that his visit to Cape Town will bring more awareness about the importance of education and the teachings of Islam, we wish him a successful stay in Cape Town".

Dr Noorani is scheduled to be in Cape Town from 09 August 2023 to 13 August 2023.

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