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The Do's and Don'ts of Shab e Baraa'at the Night of Salvation

Do's and Dont's of Shab e Baraa'at

Fireworks is Haraam

It is very sad to see that Muslims carry out good deeds and then allow Shaietaan the opportunity to lead them astray. Commonly before the night of Sha’baan has even arrived, the buying of fireworks begins.  We don’t realize that we are doing bad deeds, even though we know that this is completely against the Islaamic law. On this pure night only a wise person will say no to the buying of these fireworks.  In the Holy Quraan, we are strongly forbidden from wasting our money and people who do not spend their money wisely are described to be the brothers of Shaietaan.

Wasting money unnecessarily is a huge sin and Haraam, and on Shab-e-Baraa’at this act is further more disliked, haraam and sinful. May Allaah Kareem give the strength to His people to stop buying these fireworks and unnecessarily wasting so much money. May He give us the strength to spend that money in the path of Allaah Kareem.


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