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WHITE & BLACK-DEOBANDI- ISM Caught in its own trap -Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

Dear readers! My aim is not to indulge in hurtful saying or in speaking lies. May Almighty Allaah protect me from every wrong-doing! But I speak the truth when I say that the hypocrites (Deobandi propagandists) say and do things while propagating the Deen, which are most shameful and distasteful. It is amazing that they would like wrong ideas to be explained but they would not like to call a wrong as wrong.

Dear readers! All men of wisdom, thought, intellect and consciousness know that calling bad names is after all calling bad names. Howsoever much you may try to explain them away, you cannot say that calling bad names is wishing well. We, also, say to the propagandists of Deoband that the controversy between us will continue to rage until they accept the idolatrous and disgusting writings of their stalwart ulama to be idolatrous and disgusting even according to the verdict of their own Ulamaa, and until they deny that such writings are valid and laudable.
There is a well-known anecdote. Some villagers went to a religious scholar and asked him to inform them what they should do to purify the village well in which a dog had drowned. The religious scholar told them to draw a number of buckets of water from the well, and then the water would be purified. The villagers went back and drew the prescribed buckets of water but the water continued to be as foul-smelling. Thereupon, they went back to the religious scholar and informed him of the situation. The religious scholar inquired from them if they had taken out the dead dog from the well or it was still there. They said they had not taken the dog out of the well. The religious scholar admonished them that until they took the dog out of the well, the stink would continue to be there howsoever much water they would draw. Therefore, they should first take out the dog from the well, and then take out water (and he specified the number of buckets to be taken out) and then they would see that the stink was removed.
Dear readers! Similar is the case with the Deobandi-Wahaabi propagandists. Unless they end the real reason of the controversy, unless they deny the rationality and eruditness of their erroneous and idolatrous writings, the dispute will continue to the there, howsoever much they may try to explain away things.
Along with this, you should also realize that these people are in the habit of speaking lies, giving false statements and hoodwinking people. They, perhaps, think that the world is populated only by the deaf and the blind. Let us hear about some examples of their lies and decide for yourselves how great liars these people of Deoband are.

excerpt from....White and Black
The readers are presented with this work of great research value, scholarly discourse and of immense academic interest. This reply to booklets "From Johannesburg to Bareilly," is so brutally jaw-breaking and overwhelmingly devastating that it must surely cause a major tremor in the hearts of the disbelievers. The Urdu version of this book has taken Pakistan by storm and the publisher was compelled to go for a second printing. A must must must read!
Safed o Siyaah
A rejoinder to a series of booklets entitled "Johannesburg to Brailley
Published by. Maulana Okarvi Academy Al A'lami, South Africa
First edition 1991

by Allamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi 

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