Friday, February 12, 2016

WHITE & BLACK-DEOBANDI- ISM Caught in its own trap-Introduction-Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

Excerpt from White & Black-by Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi
Almighty Allaah Himself says that He has made sublime the remembrance of the Holy Prophet [Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam]. When it is the Creator of the universe Himself who has made sublime the remembrance of His beloved, how can I dare contribute to the excellence of His beloved? Or what possible connection can my efforts have with the enhancement of the greatness of the Prophet [Peace be upon Him]? What possible addition?

We humble beings can make to his honor and high stature? To do so is not within our power, the dwellers of the earth. This task is allotted to the dweller of the heavens, Hazrat Jibraa'eel [Alaiehis Salaam] the trustworthy. And that is the way of the One and Only Creator of the earth and the heavens. Enough for us, his slaves, is the fact that we are the followers of the master. We can praise him only as much as it is possible for us to do so and only as we have been enabled to do so. And this humble self believes that why he should not dedicate to that personality for whom he has intense love and regard whatever capacity and capability for doing good has been endowed to him and that why he should not devote all his nights and all his days in the remembrance of him and in recounting his excellence. This little knowing person would like to be told if there could be a better duty to perform or any better way in which he could lead his life. He would also like to be told by Hazrat Jaami and Roomi and Saa'di and Raazi [May Allaah Kareem Bless them all] why they dedicated all their lives to finding choicest words in praise of the Prophet [Sallal Laahu Alaiehi Wa Sallam].
Apart from always remembering the Holy Prophet [Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam], this humble self has set before himself another duty: to wipe out the mischief-makers who commit acts of deviations and distortions while speaking about his master. I have only one tongue and only one pen, and I promise to myself, and to those who think like me that, Allaah Kareem willing, I will devote, till my last breath, all the energy that has been given to me to wage an incessant war against all such wagging tongues who are unacceptably and unforgivably remiss in remembering my Prophet and in honoring his illustrious personality. He who doubts the greatness of the holy Prophet [Sallal Laahu Alaiehi Wa Sallam] is, surely, out of his senses and out of his perception. He who tries to find fault with his magnificence is, indeed, devoid of the essence of humanity. He does not know my Prophet at all.
The irony is that those who claim to be the supporters and followers of Islaam have themselves leveled criticism against the holy Prophet [Sallal Laahu Alaiehi Wa Sallam] Their ways are like those of Shaietaan. It was Shaeitaan himself who was the first to deny the status and greatness of Prophet-hood. Namrood, Fir'aun, Abu Jahl, Waleed bin Mugheerah, all of them, had been cast in the mold of Shaietaan.
The Holy Qur'aan itself testifies to the fact that to level criticism against the Prophet is the way of the idolaters and the hypocrites, and to speak of the innocence and the holiness, and the truthfulness and the greatness of the Prophet is in line with Allaah Ta'aalaa’s own tradition. It is said in the Qur'aan and reiterated in the Sunnat that concessions for certain considerations can be made in the performance of duties If for certain reasons Namaaz cannot be said in standing position, then it can be said while sitting or even through signs. But no concessions are allowed when it comes to paying due respect to the holy Prophet [Peace be upon Him]
To be continued...In Shaa Allaah

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