Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Namaaz e Janaaza the accepted way of carrying bier to graveyard.

What is the accepted way of carrying bier to graveyard?
A. The Sunnat way of carrying "Janaazah"(bier) to graveyard is that four persons should carry the four-poster shouldering one of its legs and change his shoulder after walking ten steps on each of the four legs in succession. And "accepted way" according to Sunnah is that one should shoulder the front right-leg of the four-poster and then the back right-leg and thereafter the front left-leg and then the back left-leg walking ten steps on shouldering each leg. Thus the distance covered will be forty paces. A Hadees to this effect says: the one who carries "Janaazah" forty paces, will have his forty major sins erased.
The bier should be carried with the head of the four-poster forward and swiftly but taking care that the swiftness does not cause shaking to the dead body.

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