Sunday, March 13, 2016

White & Black Deoband-ism caught in its own trap

Continued excerpt- White & Black by Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi
Answer: In our view their verdict is the same which is given by the writer of Durr-e-Mukhtaar. (Ibne Abdul Wahaab and his followers), the Khawarij, are a famous group of people who waged war against the Imaam. It is the view, that they considered Imaam guilty of falsehood, meaning infidelity which justified waging war. For this reason they considered taking our lives and wealth as lawful and made our women their captives. He further says, the verdict which applies on them is of rebels.  He also held the opinion that they did not describe them as infidels because this was a matter of interpretation though a faulty one.And Allamah Shaami, in the marginal notes of the book said, "Like it happened in our times by the followers of Ibne Abdul Wahaab. They came from Najd and besieged Haramain Shareefain. They called themselves as Hambali creed but it was their belief that onlythey were Muslims. Whoever is against their belief he is a polytheist and due to this they justified the killing of the Ahle Sunnat and the scholars of the Ahle Sunnat, until Almighty Allaah deprived them of their superiority."

In "Fataawa Rasheediyah," it is stated that their (Najdis) belief are excellent, while in "Al-Muhannad," it is stated that only they (Najdis) are Muslims and whoever would be against their belief he is an polytheist.

And Ahle Sunnat are against their belief therefore infront of them the killing of Ahle Sunnat and the scholars of the Ahle-Sunnat as lawful.” So the result is infront of Gangohi Saahib to consider Ahle-Sunnat as polytheist and killing them is lawful and permitted. This is a good belief.  Therefore the Gangohi Saahib says, he and his followers are good.  While all other scholars of Deoband say they are “Kharijis and rebels.” It is clear that infront of Gangohi Saahib the Kharijis and rebels are good people.
Further consider this, Husaein Ahmad Saahib Madni President of Darul uloom Deoband says, "Gentlemen, Muhammad Ibne Abdul Wahaab Najdi appeared from Najd in Arab in the early 13th century.

As he harbored evil thoughts and held wrong belief therefore, he waged war against the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaa’at and forced his evil thoughts on them. He considered it lawful seizing their properties as the spoils of war and killing them and also considered all these acts to bring blessings and earning rewards.  He gave severe pains particularly to the people of Haramain (Makkah and Madinah) and to the people of Hijaaz in general.  He used most foul language against the grandeur of the respected pious people and the earlier generations.  Many people because of his severe violence had to flee the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. Thousands of people were martyred in his hands and the hands of his troops. In short, he was a tyrant, rebel, blood thirsty and an evil person." (Ash-Shahaubus Saaqib, Pg 42)

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