Sunday, March 13, 2016

White & Black Deoband-ism caught in its own trap

Now, if Gangohi Saahib is speaking the truth, than Husaien Ahmad Saahib Tandvi Madni is a liar and if Husaien Ahmad Madni is honest than Gangohi Saahib is dishonest.  Now, the decision depends on the followers of the two men.
Gangohi Saahib says that the beliefs of these (Najdis) are excellent.  How excellent are they?  See its explanation by the writing of the Head master of Deoband, Husaien Ahmad Saahib Madni who has listed in detail a series of examples of some of the belief of these Najdis in his book, “Ash Shahaubus Saaqib” (Printed Qutub Khana Ashrafiyahh, Rasheed Company, Deoband)
View them,
1. "It is the belief of Muhammad Ibne Abdul Wahaab that all the people of the world and all Muslims are polytheists and nfidels. To kill them, to battle with them and to snatch their money from them is allowed and permissible yet it is mandatory.” (Ash Shahaubus Saaqib, Pg 43)

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