Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Why is the thumb print of one man different from the thumbprint of another man’s? This is only a small matter. This universe itself is the most wondrous thing. This earth and skies, this #moon and stars, this ocean and rivers, these planets, this mystery of morning and evening, this changing of seasons, this rainbow, this milky way of colors, this flood of colors and light. What are they, why are they, and for whom are they made? ………

#Life and death and this system of the universe are beyond man’s intellectual grasp. Almighty Allaah has, of course endowed man with intellect but not to an unlimited or uncountable extent. Those who have crossed their limits they keep getting more entangled. The eyes can see only as much as it is in its control. The mind can think only as much as it can bear beyond that the veins would burst.
Intellect is not the destination. Had it been so then after passing of thousands of generation the man would have reached some destination. Intellect can only be the way it can never be the destination. As the poet has said,
“Shaayed ‘Usay ‘lshq Bhee Na Samjhe
Jis Karb Mayn ‘Aql Mubtilaa Hai”
(Perhaps even love cannot understand the anguish which intellect undergoes.)
Excerpt- Deoband to Bareilly by Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

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