Friday, January 5, 2024

What is Meant by Imaamat? Islam the Glorious Religion-

Q 1. What is meant by "Imaamat"?
A. "Imaamat" means chieftainship,leadership and leader is called "Imaam". Imaamat of "Salaat"(prayer) means attachment of prayer of a "Muqtaadi"(follower) to the prayer of "Imaam" with some conditions. An Hadees in this context says that Imaam is responsible for the prayer of his "Muqtaadi's". It means that Imaam is wholly responsible for the prayer offered well or deficient by his Muqtaadi's under his leadership. It is naivety and lack of "Shar'i" knowledge to ask every bearded man to lead prayer. The "Shari'ah" envisages some conditions for Imaamat which every Imaam must possess.

Q 2. What are the conditions for Imaamat?
A. There are six conditions for Imaam provided he is not disabled: (1). He ought to be Muslim, (2) mature or of full 15 years if there is no apparent sign of maturity, (3) sane, (4) male, (5) he must know "Qiraa-at" to such an extent that the prayer led by him is in order and (6) free from disability i.e. he should not suffer from such a disease that renders him unable to lead the prayer.
to be continued In Shaa Allaah!

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