Wednesday, May 4, 2016

To Celebrate the "URS" of the Auliyaa Allaah and visit their Mazaar Shareef'

Urs is the day of the passing away of the noble Saints and Prophets. The word Urs has been taken from the Hadees: "Sleep just like the bride." (Mishkaat Shareef) The Angels say to the Pious in the grave, "Sleep with restfulness and comfort just like a Bride."

On the day of the passing away of a Saint or on a specific date, his admirers, disciples, followers and relatives assemble together at the grave of the Saint to obtain spiritual benefit and celebrate the anniversary with rejoice.
It is also very worthy to recite the Qur'aan Shareef and pass on the Sawaab (reward) to their soul and to recite Faatihah and distribute food,sweetmeat among those present.

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