Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fiqh of fasting : The Intention of fast

Q.1: What is meant by intention of fast?
A. "Neeyat" means to have firm intention of offering prayer in the heart. Expression of words by the tongue is not essential but desirable to harmonize the intention of the tongue with the heart. So is the case with the intention (Neeyat) of fasts.
Q.2: What is the wording of Neeyat?
A. If one makes "Neeyat" (intention) of fast during the night he should say:
I intended for the sake of Allaah that I will observe obligatory fast of this Ramadaan tomorrow
Adding "Inshaa Allaah Ta'aalaa" to the wording of Neeyat is desirable act provided that it is done with the intention of seeking Almighty Allaah's help and grace. Neeyat must be firm. If wavering, fast will not be deemed to have been observed.
Q.3: What time should Neeyat be made?
A. The time for Neeyat of obligatory fasts of Ramadaan, "Nazar Mo'aie-yan" and "Nafil" fasts begins at the sunset and lasts till the sun reaches meridian Shar'ee i.e. one should form Neeyat (intention) of fast at least 39 minutes and at most 48 minutes before "Zawaal" (decline of the sun). The intention of these three kinds of fasts can also be made in the day but it is commendable to do so during the night.

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