Monday, October 31, 2022

What is the meaning of Niyaz/ Niyaaz the offering?

Neyaaz is a Persian word which means distribution of food, sweets to convey reward thereof to saints and pious people. The food of the Neyaaz is not only lawful but also rewarding one. Faatihah [Recitation of Quraanic chapters or verses on food or sweets] of Hazrat Saiyyidinah Ghaus ul A’azam on 11 of Rabiul Aakhir are being arranged/held by the Muslims for centuries. Dedicating [Neyaaz] for the Shaiekh means to dedicate the reward of its consumption for the reward (sawaab) of his soul These ceremonies are exclusively held to feed the poor and indigent people so that the reward thereof reaches the dead. The rich also attend such gatherings, ceremonies with religious fervor and solemnity and partake in food thereby to earn Divine blessings and bounties

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