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Sunday, March 13, 2016

White & Black Deoband-ism caught in its own trap

It is stated in Al-Muhannad, the book on belief of the scholars of Deoband page 18, (printed kutub khana Azeezia 'Deoband,
"Question number 12:
Muhammad Ibne Abdul Wahaab Najdi considered shedding the blood of Muslims, taking away their money and defiling their honor, all these things were lawful.  He also termed everyone else as polytheist and would be disrespectful towards the grandeur of the elders. What is your view about him and about calling the Ahle Qiblah and elders as infidels is it a lawful act? Or do you think that he who does these things belongs to a legitimate sect?

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

White & Black Deoband-ism caught in its own trap

Dear readers somewhat similar, is the case of these Deobandi, Wahaabi, and Tableeghi groups. Until they don’t finish the real reason of the controversy, unless they don’t deny being the believer and accept er of infidel and blasphemic writings, they may give millions of explanations the dispute will remain as it is.
Along with this, also see this speaking lies, false explanation, fabricating, hoodwinking people and the efforts of deceiving others are their habits. Perhaps they think that everyone else living in the world are deaf and blind.

See some examples of their lies and decide for yourselves how much lies these Deobandi, Wahaabi speak.
On page 2 of part 1 of "Johannesburg to Bareilly," it is written that, "The ‘scholars of Deoband have no association with Muhammad Ibne Abdul Wahaab Najdi (Imaam of the Wahaabi faction).
They have no concern with his mission, neither is he their spiritual leader, nor have they met him. Instead the scholars of Deoband are Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaa’at and they belong to the Hanafee sect."*
----------------------------------------------------------------------*Meaning it is an accepted and established fact infront of them that “Wahaabi”are those who are in some way associated with Ibne Abdul Wahaab or his follower of believer.
In this statement it has been proved for the scholars of Deoband that they are not Wahaabi and they have nothing to do with the Imaam of the Wahaabis Muhammad Ibne Abdul Wahaab Najdi.  See its reply is present in the writings of the scholars of Deoband themselves, please see,
In the book of famous debater of Deoband, Muhammad Manzoor Nu'maani, "Shaiekh Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahaab Aur Hindustan Kay Ulamah-e-Haq (the rightly-guided scholars of India)," has been published 10 years ago.
This book has the endorsement and attestation of Shaiekh Muhammad Zakariya Kandhalvi and Qaari Muhammad Taiyyab Sahaab. Also, it has been proved in this book that there is no ideological difference etc between Shaiekh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahaab Najdi and the scholars of Deoband, and instead these Najdi Wahaabi and Deobandi are all the same.  I am not giving my reviews on the book of Nu'maani Saahib in this writing.
My aim is to only prove the lies of the authors of "Johannesburg to Bareilly" infront of my readers so that the readers may know how much affection does the author of "Johannesburg to Bareilly" have with lies. Their scholars and elders are trying to prove themselves to be Wahaabi and the author of "Johannesburg to Bareilly," while stationed in South Africa, is free from being engaged in uttering lies. Dear readers, view some other writings of the elders of the scholars of Deoband.
"This title (Wahaabi) means a person who is subservient or favorable to the creed of Ibne Abdul Wahaab." (Imdaad-ul-Fataawa, Pg 233, vol 5, printed in Thana Bhawan).
The Imaam of the Deobandis Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi says, "The followers of Muhammad Ibne Wahaab (Najdi) are called Wahaabi. Their beliefs were excellent and their creed was Hanbali.  Although they were harsh in temperament but he and his followers are good people."  (Fataawa-e-Rasheediyah, Pg 111, vol-1, Talifaat-e-Rasheediyah, Pg 242)
Dear readers, you have seen the verdict of Gangohi Saahib about Ibne Abdul Wahaab Najdi.  Now see the statements of the scholars of Deoband by themselves what they have written about Ibne Abdul Wahaab Najdi and then, decide for yourselves who is correct among them and who is a liar?