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Friday, April 1, 2016

Hazrat Saiyyidinaa Abu Bakr Siddeeq [Radiyal Laahu 'Anhu]

 Excerpt from the TV Program Sarkaar Kaay Qadam Pouhanchay

By Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

Cave Saur/Thaur/Thawr
Believers love all the things and place that has any relation with Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ. All these places are sacred; a loving Mumin would like to sacrifice his life and wealth to visit these places. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ migrated to Madeenah because inhabitants of Makkah became his enemy after pronouncement of prophet hood. Chiefs of the tribes met in the Dar-u-Nadwah and decided to slay Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. All the tribes provided the swordsmen and these swordsmen besieged the house of Prophet with naked swords in their hands with their bad intention; in the house, Prophet of Allaah ﷺ and Hazrat Alee [Radiyal Laah Anhu] were present. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had the deposits / trusts (Amaanat) of people of Makkah which he handed over to Hazrat Alee [Radiyal Laahu Anhu]and asked him to sleep on the bed, hand over the deposits to their respective owners and then come to Madeenah as Prophet was leaving for Madeenah.

 Just imagine swordsmen are standing out with naked swords in their hands; Hazrat Ale [Radiyal Laahu Anhu] is being asked to sleep on Prophet’s [Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam’s] bed, the belief of Hazrat Alee was so strong and he knew that Prophet is asking him to sleep so there was no need to be afraid. Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ left the house reciting the Soorah Yaaseen, reached the house of Hazrat Abu Bakr [Radiyal Laahu Anhu] they have to go to the Madeenah because it was ordered by Allaah [Ta’aalaa], Prophet Muhammad ﷺ changed the way and climbed up the highest peak of the Makkah, Turks and others have made a stairway for climbing that cliff but imagine at that time, it has a cave upon its peak. This cliff is known as Saur/Thaur, Saur was the son of Abdul Mannaf due to which it is known as mountain of Saur. Hazrat Abu Bakr [Radiyal Laahu Anhu] had swept the cave and closed all the holes in it, one hole was left open, Hazrat Abu Bakr [Radiyal Laahu Anhu] placed his heel over that hole, and offered Prophet to place head in his lap and take rest. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddeeq had climbed up the mountain by carrying Prophet [Peace be upon Him] over his back. Prophet accepted his offer because Prophet knew that what reward Hazrat Abu Bakr [Radiyal Laahu Anhu] would get from Allaah Kareem] for his services