Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hazrat Maulana Jalaal ud deen Ruumi (Rahmatul Laahi ‘Alaieh)

Life is only for devotion.
Life without devotion (worship or total submission) is disgrace.
Remembrance of him is the foundation of faith.
The beggars are like kings due to his [Allaah Kareem] Remembrances.
Hazrat Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him] was purified of worldly things,
So he got this reward:
God [Allaah Ta’aalaa] said to him, whatever direction you face your prayer,
My face is to that direction.

His soul like an eagle of Heaven as God called him Mercy for all the creations of God.
There is no greater or better of all the Prophets than Muhammad [Peace be upon Him]
Maulvi Hargiz Na Shud Maulaa e Ruum
Ta Ghulaam E Shams Tabraizi Na Shud

Maulvi could never be Maula-e-Ruum*** if he had not devoted himself to Hazrat Shams Tabraizi

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