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My Appeal to You...Be Firm In Your Belief- 6th Rajab ul Murajjab Translated Lecture of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Shafee Okarvi [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]...

Translated Lecture of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad 

Shafee Okarvi [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]...continuing

 Translated Lecture of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Shafee Okarvi

 [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh] ... South Africa continuing.

In conclusion I appeal to you that in the morning, Allaah Kareem willing, I will depart from here, perform Umrah and go to Pakistan. Allaah knows whether I will return or not to your country, so I leave you with a message. Remember my message, and for the sake of Allaah, act upon it.

You are seeing the prevalent conditions in the world, that people who are astray holding false beliefs are going to every home to propagate their false version of Islaam. They spend much time and money in their efforts, leaving home for months. It is a secret where the money is obtained?  Anyway, they are dedicated to their mission, day, and night. We, the Sunni, are slacking. We have zeal, love Islaam and believe in Auliyaa Allaah but we have no systematic approach. We listen to lectures, are inspired but are not prepared to sacrifice.

 This is not a problem for some but for all of us. My appeal and message is this that since we have people of proper beliefs mobilize a group of people (Jamaa’at), a movement and get all Sunni Muslims to be members. Contribute monthly according to your means and further the teachings of the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaa’at.

Establish a fund and print books on our Aqeedah for distribution. Invite Scholars, from far and wide and propagate true Islaam. Establish Madrasaah and send children to become Islamic Scholars. Call proper Sunnis, for today the situation is delicate, that people’s beliefs blow with the wind. Become proper Sunnis. Be firm in your belief.

 Do not be swayed by the storm of disbelief stand firm. Work united. Recompense scholars that sacrifice their time and efforts to come to you. Haaji Ibraaheem Tar Muhammad listened to me in Pakistan and saw my gatherings and was inspired to bring me. He issued an invite, and I came. This cannot be borne by one man.

Lecture courtesy- translated by Irshaad Soofie South Africa

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