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Hazrat Khawaajah Saiyyid Mu'een ud deen Hasan Chishti Sajizi Ajmeri Sarkaar Gareeb Nawaaz (Radiyal Laahu 'Anhu)

Hazrat Maulana Shafee Okarvi
[May Allaah be Pleased  with him]

The Anaasagar Lake
Khawaajah Saahib and his followers pronounced the Call to Prayer (azaan) five times daily and performed salaah in jamaat.  Nearby there was a lake called, Anaasagar where they performed their ritual ablution (wudhu). The center of misbelief and idol worship daily heard the proclamation of the Unity of Allaah [Ta’aalaa] [Tauheed] and the Divine Commission of the Holy Prophet Muhammad [Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam][Risaalat]. People used to come out of the temples and homes curious to know what is being announced when the A’zaan was called. Seeing the congregation prostrating invoked questions as to whom were they prostrating since no idol was in front of them. Seeing this five times daily and hearing the Remembrance Of Allaah (zikr) had such an effect that the audience themselves stated reciting ‘He Is The Truth’ (Haqq Huu). Many came and joined the circle of Khawaajah Saahib and the spreading of Islaam commenced. Many accepted Islaam just by seeing the God given beauty and exemplary character of Khawaajah Saahib. Almighty Allaah’s Divine Assistance was with him and the look of grace from the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him, his family and his companions), since he was Divinely Commissioned for this mission.

 The King got word of the effect he was having on the masses, the fact that the Hindu Holy Lake, the Anasagar was being utilized for ceremonial ablution (wudhu) and meat was being consumed in full view of Hindu vegetarians.  Above all this king was more furious that the Hindus were accepting Islaam. He was determined to get Khawaajah Saahib and his followers out of the area for he felt that the Anasagar was being defiled since Hindus believed that bathing in it washes away sin. Hindus came from far and wide to bathe and take a little water home as Holy Water. The King sent Khawaajah Saahib an order leave the area and not to use the water of the Anasagar Lake for ablution.  Khawaajah Sahibs ordered Khawaajah Qutb ud deen went to fill a water bag with water since they may not be allowed to utilize the water.  Permission was granted and Khawaajah Qutb ud deen sat on the stair of the lake and filled the water bag. As he arose Khawaajah Saahib, through his Tasarruf caused all the water of the lake to fill into the water bag.

Translators  Note: We may think that these are fictitious stories. No! This is Islaam and this is man acting in his capacity as Khalifaat-Allaah actualized. . The goal of Islaam is not to grope in the dark. The Holy Qur’aan describes the function of Islaam in 2nd Soorah, al-Baqaraah: Verse 257

Allaah Kareem is the protecting friend of those who believe in Him genuinely and He takes them out of darkness into the light

If the goal is to imbue one’s self with Divine Attributes- to become Khalifaatul Laah actualized then the natural function is interference. This interference by man is possible on the lower level of physical science and at the higher level of spiritual science or spirituality. The Khalifaatul-Laah as one totally submitted  to Allaah Kareem can do greater wonders than the physical scientist.

Not a drop remained in the Lake and the pilgrims who had come from far off where amazed. The news spread like lightning that this Faqeer had used magic and filled the water of the Holy Lake into a water bag. The King commissioned the senior a Hindu Priest, Raam Deo to persuade Khawaajah Saahib to leave the area and to withdraw his magic or else they would come down hard on him. Ram Deo, the high priest and magician came and threatened Khawaajah Saahib. Khawaajah Sahib told him, ‘O! Raam Deo. I can see the light of Islaam on your forehead.
Testify that ‘None is worthy of worship except the One True God and Muhammad is God’s Messenger”.  Ram Deo fell at the feet of Khawaajah Saahib, began the Zikr of ‘He Is The Truth’ (Haqq Huu) and he recited the Testification Of Faith (Kalimaah). He was named Abdul laah. When the king was informed that his most senior priest, Ram Deo, has accepted Islaam, he was disturbed. The king sent a messenger to inform Khawaajah Saahib that he will allow him to utilize the water of Anaasagar on condition that he restores the water. Seeing children being deprived of water and also the kings pledge to allow the Muslims the right to use water, moved Khawaajah Saahib to reverse the situation. Khawaajah Saahib ordered that the balance of the water be put into the lake and it was filled once again. We believe this, but I have the writings of Maulvi Ashraf Alee Thaanvi in which he stated that the Walee of Allaah has the power to fill all the water of the river in a clay pot. He has also related similar miracles.  Hindu historians have recorded the miracle of the Anasagar Lake and the acceptance of Islaam by High Priest, Ram Deo and 35000 Hindus on that day.

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