Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lessons from The Glorius Islaam OF THE HOLY QUR'AAN

Q 1: What is Holy Qur'aan?
A. The Glorious Qur'aan is "Kalaam Allaah"(Speech of Allaah Kareem) which Allaah [Ta'aalaa] has gifted to His Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (may Allaah's choicest Blessings & Peace be upon him) who is the best and highest of all creatures. To believe in what it contains is a part and parcel of our Faith.
Q 2: How do we know that the Holy Qur'aan is "Kalaam Allaah"(Speech of Allaah Almighty)?
A. The Holy Qur'aan is itself a cogent proof of its being "Kalaam Allaah". It declares and challenges infidels and disbelievers that
"if you are in some doubt about what we have sent to Our chosen servant then bring one chapter like it". All the adversaries of Islaam (particularly the eloquent and rhetoric literati and poets of Arabia) put their heads together and strove hard to bring or produce a like of it but miserably failed to produce even a verse like it what to talk of any chapter. Thus the Holy Qur'aan is an "ever-challenging" phenomenon to disbelievers till the end of time.

Q 3: What is the exclusive distinction of the Qur'aan?
A. The ever-living miracle of the Glorious Qur'aan is that the believers even their children commit it to their memory in whole. Contrary to this fact the other revealed books could not be memorized by the followers of the books excepting the Prophets to whom the said books were revealed.

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