Friday, June 2, 2023

The Importance of Madrasah's -Article from Urs Magazine




Allamah Iqbaal had said: “Let these Madrassas remain as they are. If these Madrassas and their Dervishes who sit on their broken mats do not remain, then remember that you will be in the same condition as the Muslims I have seen in Andalusia and Granada”. A few days before Eid-ul-Adhaa has passed. I was riding my bike the day after Eid when I passed in front of a Madrassa, I saw a few innocent children standing at its gate, their faces were full of light [Nooraniyat]. I went to them and greeted them, they greeted me with great respect. I said son what are you doing here? They said, "Brother, we memorize the Qur’aan here." I said did not you go home on Eid? Couple of them went inside with tears in their eyes and the rest said in a hoarse voice that no one came to pick us up, we have come from far away Chitraal. Babaa had said that I do not have fare, so you stay there.

My heart sank at this with restlessness, I asked how long have you been here? "We were also here last Eid," they said. I took money out of my pocket and wanted to give each of them one hundred rupees. Salute to their training, no one came forward and took the money, but all went inside. I went on with a heavy temper that these are the same Madrassa students that people look down on. I have also reached at this position by studying in these Madrassas. I have seen the affairs inside these Madrassas when the Shaiekhs of Madrassas in the last days of the month looked very worried about how to pay Teachers’ salaries and other bills? A friend just think, which private or public institution offers this kind of scholarship? There are hundreds of Madrassas across the country with thousands of residential students, but the entire cost of food, accommodation, books, and medicine is borne by the Madrassa. Is there a university that has the facility of free hostel and mess? These are the fortresses of not only the Religion but the world and hereafter. It is from these institutions that Islaam, Intellectuals and Scholars are born who gives jaw breaking answer/responds to the objections against Islaam. The talk track is derailed, I was talking about the Dervishes studying in Madrassas who come from far-flung areas by leaving their homes, love of parents and siblings. This is just because their parents have a very innocent wish that it does not matter if poverty deprivation dance in our home, our children must memorize the Qur'aan and become Qur’aan Haafiz and the Religious Scholar so we will be crowned with honour on the Day of Resurrection! I remember when there were holidays like Eid etc. we all used to go to our own houses. 

There were some students who could not go on their own and no one could come from their homes because they did not have the required fare and then those children would play with their peers in the same Madrassa, sacrificing their happiness for the sake of their parents.

Do not consider the students of these Madrassas as worthless [haqeer]! You do not know their rank, when they walk, the Angels of Allaah feel proud to spread their wings under their feet. The fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the insects in the land pray to Allaah Almighty for their success. People generally think that the only children who enter Madrassas are those who are rejected from all sides. If so, people should be thankful to the Madrassas who did not allow such children to roam the streets but taught them the Qur'aan and Ahadees by admitting them and the same children became observant of fasting and prayers, obedient to their parents and Religious Scholars and began to worry about the faith [Ieemaan] of the people. Love these madrassas and mosques! Turn to them for the religious education of your children! And become the supporters of these madrassas in every way…

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