Sunday, March 13, 2016

Know your History Islamic Knowledge

The World must know how human rights of billions of people violated by the treacherous way when 1300 years old Caliphate was abolished in 1924. We all know about the role played by Lawrence of Arabia; but many of us were ignorant about the following: "the new Turkish State(Republic of Turkey) which was established by Doenmehs (secret jews of Turkey), is a state of the people and a state by the people.
" But why did Mustafa Kemal abolish the Caliphate, which was the political System of majority people of Turkey?
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a Jew, secret Jew and the greatest enemy of Islaam, as he abolished the Caliphate and suppressed the Muslims in Turkey. Along with Western powers and Jews there were some secret Jews who were conspiring against the Khilafah. Mustafa Kemal was one of them.
He was not even a Turk. He was a Doenmeh (secret Jew). He achieved the objective of not the Turks but of the Doenmehs who slowly took over the Ottoman State by openly converting to and practicing Islaam but secretly practicing their old religion... He was not a Turk, let alone 'Father of the Turks'.

The fact that Kemal Atatürk  was a despot and dictator cannot be denied. It
was his cruelty and sadistic treatment of Muslims that makes him stand out as one of the worst enemies of God. The above was only what was reported and recorded by mostly Western observers. The extent of what actually went on in the new Turkey by the direct
policy of Kemal was heinous, to say the least. He was truly an enemy of Islaam.
Under the guise of “cleansing Islaam of political interference”, the educational system was completely overhauled.
Atatürk’s attacks on Islaam were not limited to the government, however. Everyday life for Turks was also dictated by Atatürk’s secular ideas:
Traditional Islaamic forms of headdress such as turbans and the fez were outlawed in favor of Western-style hats.
The hijaab for women was ridiculed as a “ridiculous object” and banned in public buildings.
The calendar was officially changed, from the traditional Islaamic calendar, based on the hijrah – Prophet Muhammad ﷺ’s flight to Madinah – to the Gregorian calendar, based on the birth of Jesus Christ.
In 1932, the A’zaan – the Muslim call to prayer – was outlawed in Arabic. Instead, it was rewritten using Turkish words and forced upon the country’s thousands of mosques.
Friday was no longer considered part of the weekend. Instead, Turkey was forced to follow European norms of Saturday and Sunday being days off from work.

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