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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

White & Black Deoband-ism caught in its own trap

Dear readers, my aim is not heart breaking or speaking lies. (May Almighty Allaah protect me from every sin) I speak the truth when I say that these hypocrites, ‘Sellers of barley in the name of wheat’ (Deobandi, Wahaabi and Tableeghi) whatever they say or do under the covering of the propagating of Religion, it is cause of shamefulness and distasteful.
It is amazing that they like to explain the wrong statements but they dont like to call a wrong as wrong.
Dear readers, every man of wisdom, thought, intellect and consciousness know that an abuse is an abuse.  You can do thousands of explanations; an abuse cannot be called a good supplication. We also say the same thing to the Deobandi, Wahaabi and Tableeghi people that until they don’t accept the blasphemic and infidel writings of their own elders as
blasphemic and infidel, according to the verdict of their own scholars and don’t deny to be the acceptors and believers of these writings the controversy will continue.

There is a famous anecdote that some people of a village went to a religious scholar and told him we have a well of water in the village, a dog has fallen into it and died. Tell us what is the way of purifying the water of this well? The religious scholar told them to draw a certain number of buckets of water from the well, the water would be purified. Those villagers went and drew the given amount of water but the bad smell continued in the water. They again went to the religious scholar and explained the situation. The religious scholar inquired from them if they had taken out the dead dog from the well or if it was still there?
They said, we have not taken out the dog. The religious scholar told them, unless you don’t take out the dog from the well no matter how much water you will draw out the foul smell will still continue. First take out the dog from the well, then take out the specified number of buckets of water and then see if the stink is removed or not!
Note Academy
These Wahhabi doctrines are unbelief, and lead to the Fire of Hell. Beware of them and the groups enamored with them.
Unfortunately for the ummah in our day, the statements of disbelief penned by the scholars of Deoband are still being promulgated on the World Wide Web, which means Deobandi authorities did not renounce their unbelief. They have also failed to condemn (as is wajib for them), and actually still keep on their syllabus and disseminate in all languages the works of deviated scholars the originator of most if not all of these heretical errors.
The way forward is to leave these insulting words and aberrant beliefs behind us by affirming the true creed of the Ahle Sunnat wa Jamaa’at. Real Deobandis and theircreed are worthy of be continued In Shaa Allaah!