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[Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]

“If anyone has any need, he should perform 2 Rak‘aat in such a way that in each rak‘at after Soorah Faatihah read Soorah Ikhlaas 11 times, and after the naamaz send abundant Durood and Salaam on the Holy Prophet Huzoor-e-Akram (ִSal-lal-Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sal-lam).
Then take 11 steps toward Baghdad Shareef (in the direction of Baghdad) and then call me (Saiy-yidinaa Ghaus-e-A‘zam’s) name and express your need and then through my mediation (Waseelah) pray to Al-Laah. It’s my believe Al-Laah Taa‘aalaa will surely bestow this inquirer (needy).”


Giyaarween Shareef Annual -Message- Feb 11-2014- Allamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi-

11 Rabi ul Aakhir- Shaiekh Saiyyid Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani- Giyaarween Shareef Mubaarak -Allamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

 Giyaarween Shareef Mubaarak -Allamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

What is Giyaarween Shareef ? Giyarwin Sharif

A gathering on any day, though generally on 11th of the lunar calendar, consisting of recitation of
the Holy Quraan, Zikr (Remembrance of Allaah Ta’aala), reading Faatihah and distributing food to send the reward to Huzoor Ghaus e A’zam Saiyyidinah Shaiekh Saiyyid Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani (May Allaah be well pleased with him) is called Giyaarween Shareef. Its basis in the religion is from the concept of sending reward to others. This is commonly known as Ieesaal-e-Sawaab, and it has been proven from the Quraan and Sunnah.

What is Ieesaal-e-Sawaab?
Ieesaal-e-Sawaab is act of performing a virtuous deed and sending the spiritual reward to another.
Allaah (Most Exalted) says:
“And those who came after them submit, O our Lord! Forgive us and our brothers who preceded
us in the faith” ( Quraan-Al-Hashr:10)

The Friends of Allaah Kareem has no 'Fear' -Giyaarween Shareef - Lecture Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

The Friends of Allaah Kareem -AULIYAA ALLAAH
 Has no 'Fear' -Giyaarween Shareef -Lecture 
Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi Aulia


The Power of Walee/ Wali /Saints of Allaah Kareem- Giyaarween Shareef Lecture- Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

The Power of Walee/ Wali /Saints of Allaah Kareem- Giyaarween Shareef Lecture- 
Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi Ghaus Pak


Giyaarween Shareef Program -Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

Ghaus e Paak


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Seerat Un Nabi Conference -Prophet Muhammad -A Role Model for Buisness World -[Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam]


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Rally in Support of Palestine against the Israeli Oppression!



Yaa Ghaus e Azam Dastgeer!

Jum'ah Mubaarak -Friday -Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi



Hazrat Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]- THe Beloved of Allaah Kareem

Hazrat Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani [Radiyal Laahu 'Anhu]- THe Beloved of Allaah Kareem

Allaah Kareem says in the Holy Qur'aan, in the 25th Soorah, al-Furqaan:
 Verse 64

Those who pass the night [in adoration] for their Lord in prostration and standing
Allaah Almighty  Averts Punishment Of The Disobedient Because Of Auliya Allaah
After praising Allaah Kareem (Hamd)
abdul qadir
and blessing His beloved Holy Prophet
(Salawaat), I recited a verse of the Holy Qur’aan. In this verse Allaah Kareem has mentioned an attribute of His beloved servants. He says that His accepted and beloved servants, their prominence is this that they spend nights in prostration [sajda] before their Creator.
 He states:  [They] pass the night [in adoration] for their Lord How do they spend it?
in prostration and standing [qiyaam]

Life Events -Of Hazrat Ghaus e A'zam Shaiekh Saiyyid Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh] continued...excerpt speech by Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi Childhood...Events

When Hazrat Ghaus al-A’zam [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh] reached the age of physical maturity, about sixteen or seventeen, then his teacher said, ‘Allaah Kareem has blessed you abundantly and much potential lies within you, so you should leave our little city, which has no facilities for higher learning and go to a bigger city that has a University for higher education.’ Hazrat Ghaus al-A’zam [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh] conferred with his mother, who agreed with his teacher and said, ‘Allaah Kareem... has created you for a great task. The circles you will move in and the field of Divine Learning [Marifat] requires that you be highly educated in the religion.’

Hazrat Ghaus al-A’zam [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh] blessed mother asked him to undertake the journey to Baghdad but he should not lie under any circumstances. She sewed forty gold dinars in the seam of his coat and set him on his way. On the way highway robbers laid siege to the traveling party.

Birth of the Saint- Hazrat Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani [Radiyal Laahu Anhu]

Birth of the Saint

Hazrat Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani 

Radiyal Laahu 'Anhu

abdul qadir jilaani, book, allama kokab noorani, okarvi

Hazrat Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani [Radiyal Laahu 'Anhu],  was born in the year 470 A.H. / 1077-8 C.E., in the blessed month of Ramadaan, about 924 years ago from today. In Iraq there is a district that non-Arabs call Gilaan whilst Arabs call it Jilaan, since there is no gaaf in Arabic. 

They substitute gaaf with jeem. After his birth mother, noticed that he did not drink milk in the daytime, but only after sunset. After noticing this for 7 to 8 days, she told her husband Hazrat Abu Sualeh [Rahmatul Laahi Alaieh]about this occurrence. She said,this son that Allaah [Kareem] blessed us with observes fast (siyaam), he does not drink milk in the day, although I tried to feed him on numerous occasions, he only feeds at night.’ 

Hazrat Abu Sualeh [Rahmatul Laahi Alaieh]said, ‘It is no marvel if he is fasting for he is the Leader of the Friends of Allaah [Ta'aalaa]  (Auliyaa) and of all Spiritual Poles (aqtaab).’ she enquired from her husband, ‘Sir! How do you know that he is the leader of Friends of Allaah [Kareem] (auiya) and of all Spiritual Poles (aqtaab)?’

 He replied, 

"Before this child was born, I was blessed with a dream of the Holy Prophet [Sallal Laahu Alaiehi Wa Sallam] who informed me..."

excerpt from speech by Maulana Shafee Okarvi 

[Rahmatul Laahi Alaieh]

Excerpts from ZIKR E JAMEEL... By Hazrat Maulana #Muhammad Shafee Okarvi [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]

أبو عبدالله القرطبي‎  Allamaah #Qurtabiرحمۃاللہ has narrated this Hadees Shareef from his Shaiekh,
“Death is not the name of only dying but it is the transfer from one world to another world. Verily, martyrs are alive even after their murder and death, they eat, drink and are happy. These are the signs of alive people. When such is the status of the martyrs than Prophets are higher in status of being alive; this has been narrated in a verified Hadees Allaah ﷻ has forbidden earth / soil to eat up the bodies of the Prophets. When Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ went to the Baiet-ul-Muqqadas where all Prophets gathered in the Masjid Al Aqsa. Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ saw Hazrat Moosaa علیہ السلام praying in his grave when he passed by his grave. 

Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said he answers whoever sends salutations and Salaam to him. In the other words all the things that end with the death continue for Prophets because their death is nothing more then that we cannot see them although they are alive and present. They become just like angels that are alive and present among us but we cannot see them except those people (saints) can see them who have been chosen by Allaah ﷻ”.

to be continued...In Shaa Allaah!
Imaam Abu 'Abdul laah Al-Qurtabi (Arabic: أبو عبدالله القرطبي‎) was a famous Mufassir, Muhaddis and Faqeeh scholar from Cordoba [Spain] of Maaliki origin. He is most famous for his commentary of the Quraan, Tafseer al-Qurtubi.